VESAP5 Financial Disclosures

Disclosure Statement

The ACCME requires that the SVS, as an accredited provider of CME, disclose the relevant financial relationships of the planners, faculty, and any other individuals in a position to control content of this activity. If there is a relevant financial relationship that has been disclosed, please find it below.

All other individuals in control of content have indicated that there are no relevant financial relationships with ineligible companies to be disclosed. All relevant financial relationships have been mitigated.

Contributor Disclosures

Name VESAP 5 Role Company/Organization Nature of Financial Relationship(s)
J. Gregory Modrall, MD, DFSVS Editor In Chief UpToDate Royalties (section writer for acute compartment syndrome and fasciotomy chapters)
Carlos Bechara, MD Item Writer Cook
Gore Medical
Consulting Fee, Speakers Bureau
Consulting Fee, Speakers Bureau
Jaivariah Fatima, MD Item Writer Abbott Speakers Bureau
Sukgu Han, MD, MS Item Writer Cook Medical
WL Gore & Associates
Consulting Fee
Consulting Fee
Martyn Knowles, MD Item Writer Philips, Penumbra, Contego
Philips, Penumbra
Consulting Fee
Speakers Bureau
David A. Rigberg, MD, DFSVS Item Writer Gore
Speaker (AA repair)
Speaker (Perclose use)
Matthew A. Corriere, MD Section Editor AIM Speciality Health Consulting Fee
Francis J. Caputo, MD Item Writer Terumo Consulting Fee
Linda M. Harris, MD, DFSVS Item Writer Prevena (Acelity) PI of research (funds to institution not to PI)
Jean E. Starr, MD, DFSVS Item Writer Medtronic
Consulting Fee
Consulting Fee
Eric S. Hager, MD Item Writer Angiodynamics Consulting Fee
Michael J. Singh, MD, DFSVS Item Writer Medtronic Speakers Bureau
Venita Chandra, MD Section Editor ReCor Medical Consulting Fee
Marlene Grenon, MD Item Writer Evry Health  Salary/Employee
Mohammed A. Zayed, MD, PhD Item Writer Caeli Vascular, Inc. Founder and CMO 
Kathleen Gibson, MD Item Writer Medtronic, BTG, Angiodynamics, Vascular Insights, Vesper
Medtronic, Bayer, Bard, BTG, Vascular Insights
Consulting Fee
Speakers Bureau
Contracted Research
Patrick E. Muck, MD Item Writer Penumbra
BTG/Boston Scientific
Speakers Bureau
Speakers Bureau
Justin Hurie, MD Item Writer Philips Healthcare Contracted Research
R. Patrick DeMuth, ThM, RVT, FSVU Item Writer Medstreaming, Inc Salary/Employee