Thank you to all of the dedicated experts who contributed to the 6th edition of the Vascular Education and Self-Assessment Program, VESAP6. Their valuable contributions have created a tool designed to keep vascular surgeons and other vascular healthcare professionals at the forefront of vascular knowledge.  


Jayer Chung, MD

Maureen K. Sheehan, MD

Module 1 – Aortoiliac Disease

Section Editor:

Samuel Chen, MD


Martyn Knowles, MD, MBA

Salvatore T. Scali, MD

Module 2 – Cerebrovascular Disease              

Section Editor:

Kwame Amankwah, MD


Norman H. Kumins, MD

Pallavi  Manvar-Singh, MD, FACS, FSVS, RPVI

Christine Li Shokrzadeh, MD, FACS

Module 3 – Dialysis Access Management      

Section Editor:

Pedro Teixeira, MD


Matthew Blecha, MD

Karan Garg, MD

Lori Pounds, MD

Module 4 – Radiation Safety  

Section Editor:

Edgar Guzman-Arrieta, MD


John Carson, MD

Heather Waldrop, MD

Module 5 – Renal and Mesenteric Vascular Disease               

Section Editor:

Gernon Longo, MD


Michael Morgan McNally, MD

Jean Marie Ruddy, MD

Module 6 – Upper Extremity Vascular Disease           

Section Editor:

Mina Boutrous, MD


Nathan Droz, MD

Misty D. Humphries, MD, MAS, RPVI, FACS

Module 7 – Lower Extremity Vascular Disease           

Section Editor:

Shipra Arya, MD


Jaime Benarroch-Gampel, MD, MS

Katherine Hekman, MD

Mathew Smeds, MD, FACS, DFSVS

Module 8 – Vascular Medicine             

Section Editor:

Jeanwan Kang, MD


Juan Jimenez, MD, MBA

Misaki Kiguchi, MD, MBA, FACS

Module 9 – Venous and Lymphatic Disease 

Section Editor:

Leila Mureebe, MD


Rafael Malgor, MD, MBA

Patrick Muck, MD, RVT

Kathleen Ozsvath, MD, FACS

Module 10a – Vascular Lab: Cerebrovascular            


Michael Costanza, MD

Module 10b – Vascular Lab: Abdominal         

Section Editor:

Babatunde Almaroof, MD, FACS


Natasha Hansraj, MD

Michael Malinowski, MD, MEHP (M Ed), FACS, RPVI

Christopher Ramos, MD

Module 10c – Vascular Lab: Peripheral Arterial         

Section Editor:

Kathleen Raman, MD


Olamide Alabi, MD

Erin Greenleaf, MD, MS, RPVI

Module 10d – Vascular Lab: Peripheral Venous         

Section Editor:

Loay Kabbani, MD


Erika Ketteler, MD, MA, RVT

Chandu Vemuri, MD, FACS