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The Division of Vascular Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh has an active National Institutes of Health T32 "Vascular Surgery Research Training" grant intended to support the training of academic vascular surgeon-scientists, as well as non-clinicians scientists interested in vascular biology with a strong translational component, bridging the gap from bench research to clinical care. The grant supports trainees interested in basic science research or clinical and translational research in cardiovascular disease under the supervision of leaders in the study of vascular biology, hemostasis, and nitric oxide biology, as well as in clinical and translational research. Trainees will acquire the investigational tools and experience that will serve as the groundwork for an academic career in either basic or clinical vascular research.

This two-year training program is open to surgeon-scientists who wish to pursue academic vascular surgery careers. The program is open to trainees who have completed 2-3 years of general surgery or integrated vascular surgery residency training. While the main targets for this training grant are vascular surgery trainees, exceptional non-clinician scientists who desire vascular research training with greater clinical application may also apply. Trainees will be assigned a primary mentor as well as team of secondary mentors that bring complementary expertise to their areas of investigation.

Applicants must be permanent residents or citizens of the United States and have already completed doctoral training with an MD or PhD degree. Applications from women and minorities are strongly encouraged. Positions are available for July 1.


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University of Pittsburgh
Program Director, T32 VascTrain Grant
Dr. Edith Tzeng, Professor of Surgery, Chief of Vascular Surgery, VAPHS
(412) 802-3025