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Partnering with You for Comprehensive Vascular Care

When it comes to the vascular health of your patients, you can rely on today’s vascular surgeon to support you, and them, at every step. Modern vascular care encompasses targeted medical therapy, exercise and diet plans, minimally invasive procedures and traditional operations. Only vascular surgeons are trained in all of these areas to offer therapy that is correct for each individual.    

Our goal is your goal. We focus on collaboration to devise patient-centered care plans that will result in successful, long-term outcomes for each individual in your care. Refer your patients as early as possible for efficient diagnosis and to develop the most appropriate care plan.

Capable. Comprehensive. Collaborative. Today’s board-certified vascular surgeons are leading the way toward more comprehensive vascular health.

Surgery is only part of our story.

Why refer your patients to a Vascular Surgeon?

Vascular surgeons dedicate their entire training and practice to address the full spectrum of vascular health and disease, as well as provide comprehensive care that includes preventive, medical, surgical, and minimally invasive solutions.

Why Refer?

Who should you refer to a Vascular Surgeon?

Find the symptoms and related conditions that vascular surgeons are best equipped to treat.

Who to Refer?

Where can you find a Vascular Surgeon?

To find a board-certified vascular surgeon, click the link below, enter your zip code, and select the preferred distance from your practice.

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