SVS Photo Contest 2022

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SVS Photo Contest  

In celebration of the Society for Vascular Surgery’s 75th Anniversary, the SVS hosted a photo contest highlighting the past, present, and future of vascular surgery. SVS Members helped SVS tell its story by sharing their photos of life as vascular surgeons, trainees, students, affiliates, etc.  

You can review the photo submissions in the video below.


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Surgeon Wellness

Photos of you or colleagues engaging in fulfilling activities (both on and off the job), hobbies, family, breaks, or fun in the workplace.   

1st Place: Victor Bilman, MD

1st Runner Up: Andy Schanzer, MD

2nd Runner Up: Tiffany Bellomo, MD

3rd Runner Up: Alejandro Pizano, MD

Vascular Team 

Photos of your team of vascular care professionals, both candid and posed. 

1st Place: Andy Schanzer, MD

1st Runner Up: Matthew Smeds,MD

2nd Runner Up :Andy Schanzer, MD

3rd Runner Up: Bernadette Aulivola, MD

Explore your practice 

Photos of where you work (your office, OR, OBL, reception area, break area, etc., with or without people.) 

1st Place: Adriana Laser, MD

1st Runner Up: Christine Shokrzadeh, MD

2nd Runner Up: TNicolas Mouawad, MD

3rd Runner Up: Adriana Laser, MD

Surgery around the world 

Photos from international members and photos of your travels 

1st Place: Monica Maumdar, MD

1st Runner Up: Victor Bilman, MD

2nd Runner Up: Matthew Smeds, MD

3rd Runner Up: Monica Maumdar, MD


Photos of any aspect of training to be a vascular surgeon 

st Place: Raghu Motaganahalli, MD

1st Runner Up: Matthew Eagleton, MD

2nd Runner Up: Adriana Laser, MD

3rd Runner Up: Adriana Laser, MD

Patient care 

Photos that include patients (please be sure to get permission; a form will be required for submissions that include patients.) 

1st Place: Vicente Alvarado, MD

1st Runner Up: Tiffany Bellomo, MD

2nd Runner Up: Rafael Santini-Dominguez, MD

3rd Runner Up: Ravi Hasanadka, MD

In the OR

Intraoperative photos (be sure to get permission if patients are shown in a non-HIPAA compliant way) 

1st Place: Meryl Logan, MD

1st Runner Up: Vicente Alvarado, MD

2nd Runner Up: Andy Schanzer, MD

3rd Runner Up: Donald E Patterson, MD

VAM/vascular meetings/volunteering photos 

Photos of professional development, networking, volunteer meetings, etc.  

1st Place: Tara Zielke, MD

1st Runner Up: Victor Bilman, MD

2nd Runner Up: Mohammed Dairywala, MD

3rd Runner Up: Meryl Logan, MD

75th Anniversary

Share your historic photos of vascular surgery. 

1st Place: Amy B Reed, MD

1st Runner Up: Amy B Reed, MD