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YOUR SVS: New Member Urges Others to Take Advantage of SVS Opportunities

Young Erben, MD, has fully embraced SVS membership, joining an SVS committee and actively taking advantage of the benefits SVS offers.

March 1 is the first quarterly membership application for 2019. Dr. Erben urges all who are eligible to apply and enjoy the boost that membership can provide a career. For example:

“The most important thing is the fact that we get to see and interact with a lot of colleagues,” said Dr. Erben, who became an Active member in 2018. “We recognize each other; we’re constantly communicating with each other. It helps to know there are fellow members, who are devoted to the field and are part of the community.”

The ability to encourage younger people and get them engaged: Dr. Erben is a member of the Resident and Student Outreach Committee, which participates in the student/resident/fellowship activities during the Vascular Annual Meeting. Committee members assist with the simulation activities and in the forums that help coach students on interviewing and other career development necessities.

This work is important, she said. “We’re encouraging young people, helping to disseminate information and get them engaged early on.”

Mentorship and applications:

Most members would cite mentorship as an important factor in going into the field of vascular surgery, she said. “It’s crucial. The right mentorship attracts students and gets them to be engaged, active members of the community, and that’s what keeps our Society running and advancing the science in vascular care,” she said.

Her mentors all are SVS members, she said. “They encourage their residents to go into vascular surgery,” she said. “As a resident, you want to emulate these members – you know your mentors are good people and excellent members developing guidelines for the care of our patients. You WANT to become a member and be a positive contributor to the field.”

Scholarships, plus leadership and training opportunities, such as the Women’s Leadership Training Grant: Dr. Erben applied last summer for and received an SVS Foundation Research Career Development Travel Award. “The beauty of being a member is that you get all of these opportunities to improve yourself and get better,” she said. Being a practicing vascular surgeon means constant continuing education. “These opportunities are available to all members,” said Dr. Erben. “It’s silly not to take advantage of them.”

She’s considering the Women’s Leadership Training Grant, believing it important not only to encourage women to go into vascular surgery and also take on leadership roles. “If a woman sees only males, they think, ‘This is not for me.’ They don’t see role models they can relate to,” she said “SVS is actively encouraging our women to take on leadership roles.

“It’s an amazing opportunity,” she added.

Take advantage of all SVS has to offer. Visit for more information. Deadlines for 2019 are March 1, June 1, Sept. 1 and Dec. 1.