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Visit the Practice Pavilion at VAM 2020

A major “something new” – a Practice Pavilion – is coming to the Exhibit Hall at the 2020 Vascular Annual Meeting.

It will be the hub for a wide range of practical sessions and opportunities for vascular surgeons, nurses and physician assistants, including lectures, hands-on sessions and small workshops.

These will be geared toward helping the vascular surgeon improve his or her practice now and in the near future, said SVS Program Committee Chair Matthew Eagleton, MD. “We’ll be talking about what’s available now and what’s on the near horizon,” he said, with an eye toward improving patient care as well.

The SVS’ new Technology Task Force will hold sessions there, and the Section on Outpatient and Office Vascular Care plans gatherings on outpatient-based care. Other offerings may highlight courses for PAs and vascular nurses. The format will range from lectures to small-group sessions, plus hands-on training.

“This will be a whole new opportunity for our surgeons and their teams,” said Dr. Eagleton. “There’s a lot we can focus on in these two days, and we hope our members take full advantage of this new learning space.”

Pavilion activities confer no educational credits. The Exhibit Hall will be open Thursday and Friday, June 18 and 19. In other tweaks for 2020, committee members have fine-tuned the entire schedule, trying to reduce the number of overlapping sessions on similar topics.

“At the same time, we want to offer a lot of programming, so there will be some conflicts,” said Dr. Eagleton. “But we’re trying to have fewer of them, and we’re trying to avoid similar topics occurring at the same time.”