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SVS Foundation Annual Appeal: Supporting Tomorrow's Giants

Dear Members:

Innovation is integral to our specialty.

SVS members were and continue to be pioneers in developing inventions and techniques: Dr. Denton Cooley used a muscle flap to patch an aorta; Dr. Thomas Fogarty created the Fogarty catheter, which transformed the management of acute ischemia; Dr. Arthur Voorhees revolutionized vascular surgery with a synthetic artery, and Dr. Juan Parodi led the endovascular revolution. These vascular surgery innovators, along with many others, have played pivotal roles in saving or improving the lives of vascular patients throughout the years.

We stand on the shoulders of these giants. These developments remind each and every one of us that to thrive and advance, and to maintain vascular surgery’s position as the leaders in vascular care, we must fund research that leads to the next new breakthroughs, which translate to our ultimate goal: improved patient care.

Your contributions to the SVS Foundation are vital to this continuation. The SVS Foundation typically presents grants to vascular surgeons early in their careers to promote research skill development and create a foundation for significant life-long research accomplishments as grant-winners’ careers mature. With our support and backing, many of these innovators have secured significant government funding needed to continue with their research.

As a longtime supporter of the Foundation, I am proud to serve as this year’s chair. I encourage you to donate for the first time or to continue with your past support. Those who give $10,000 or more throughout their lifetimes are part of a select group, the SVS Foundation Legacy Program. These generous contributors have led and continue to lead the specialty to ensure funds are available to develop the brightest vascular researchers within our ranks.

The 2016 SVS Foundation Annual Appeal is underway and needs your contributions. This is your chance to make a significant difference in not only our future but that of our patients. Years from now, donations made today will still be working, via the creativity of the innovative researchers – tomorrow’s giants – whom we support.

Please help us to ensure our future by making your donation today. Thank you in advance for your support.
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Dr. Bruce A. Perler, 2016-17 Chair
SVS Foundation

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