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Q&A: Education Committee chair drills down on the details

SVS Education Committee chair Kellie Brown, MD, sits down with Beth Bales to answer some questions about the new SVS education platform.

Q. Portal? Website? SVS OnDemand? I keep hearing these terms. What’s what?

A. The new Education Portal,, provides links to SVS’s Live Education, the new SVS OnDemand, the Video Library, and other education resources. These resources include hours of on-demand lectures, videos and justin-time learning resources, as well as individual or organizational learning and development that is readily available exactly when and how it is needed by the learner.

Q. Tell me more about SVS OnDemand and the new SVS Video Library.

A. It also links to the new SVS OnDemand. This currently contains close to 300 select educational activities from the 2019 and 2020 annual meetings; materials from the 2020 VRIC and the new Vascular Atlas. The Video Library includes 54 videos that are “how I do it” videos and videos from the plenary session.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. During this inaugural launch, SVS members in good standing will be able to access VAM 2019, VRIC 2020, the Video Library and the Atlas for free. SVS ONLINE 2020 meeting content will be free to ONLINE attendees. Others may purchase access to that content via member/nonmember pricing. Trainees may access all materials for free.

Q. Can I earn Continuing Medical Education or Maintenance of Certification credits via SVS OnDemand?

A. Not currently, but this will be available in the future.

Q. I am a non-member. Can I access the materials?

A. You can purchase VAM 2019 and 2020 content. All other content is a member benefit.

Q. Can I use a mobile device to access the content?

A. Yes

Q. How do I access everything?

A. Start at Education. Use your SVS log-in credentials to access materials.

Q. What if I have questions?

A. The new SVS OnDemand site includes a “help page,” with the most frequently asked questions.

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