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Join the Party; Get Connected

The SVSConnect online community and its mobile app are generating some rave reviews.

On SVSConnect, members can post discussion topics, such as on difficult cases or coding issues, as well as offer their own thoughts. They can share resources, become informed of upcoming events and seek out colleagues.

“It is very enriching to read about others’ experiences and different strategies, or interventions used to attain a goal. ... SVSConnect highlights solidarity, selflessness and compassion found amongst those who represent the Society for Vascular Surgery.” – Therese Massri, SVS medical student member.

“One of the best things the SVS has ever done. ... Connect is especially important to me in solo practice, in a small-town hospital with no other vascular colleagues.” – Dr. Daniel McGraw, SVS active member.

Get started today at and see what the buzz is all about. Those who run into sign-in difficulties may email or call 312-334-2300.