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Increased Brand Exposure Highlights SVS' Growing Influence

2017 was a great year for SVS public relations efforts. SVS sent out a regular stream of press releases, pitches and media advisories aimed at both patients and professionals and responded to media requests for information.
One key measure of success is the number of requests SVS gets from media for interviews with vascular professionals. These efforts are enhanced by expert comments and interviews provided by a Rolodex of on-call media experts from SVS. The progress made over the past three years are thanks to staff and the skilled oversight provided by the Public and Professional Outreach Committee.

In the two and a half years since our public relations program was revived, we have received an increasing number of requests for comments from vascular trades and public media outlets. In 2015 we had one incoming request for an interview or information; in 2016, we had nine and in 2017, we had 21.

SVS aims its public outreach at two primary audiences: medical professionals and patients. In 2017, SVS sent out 12 monthly, public-facing press releases about vascular health for an audience of patients and families and 21 professional-facing releases to medical professionals and medical trades.

The most successful public-facing release went out in February 2017, promoting the message that cardiovascular disease can affect the entire body, not just the heart. This release and messaging was picked up by 35 major media outlets, including HealthDay, U.S. News, MedlinePlus, WebMD, MedicineNet and Men’s Health.

Other top public press releases were "Vaping: E-cigs Have Their Own Risks," "Don’t Fall for These 6 Internet Myths About Statins," and "Have Diabetes? A Few Simple Steps May Keep Your Feet Healthy."

In 2017, the SVS also partnered with JVS to increase visibility for the journal. Dr. Paul DiMuzio, of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, now writes a press release for every JVS and JVS Venous and Lymphatic Disorders issue and SVS edits and distributes them. Most JVS releases then get published by Vascular News and Endovascular Today, Vascular Specialist online and other medical publications.

Our most successful professional release was the announcement on updated AAA guidelines, an effort boosted by Dr. Thomas Forbes’ availability for three requested media interviews in mid-December.

SVS contracts with two distribution networks for sending press releases to media. Their data and daily feed information provide insight into successful pickups, which have steadily increased.

Our improved media exposure is the result of staff efforts and professional oversight by the Public and Professional Outreach Committee, all enhanced by expert comments and interviews provided by our SVS on-call media experts.