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Honor mentor with gift to SVS Foundation

By Beth Bales

Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) members can honor their mentors in a wonderful and consequential way by making a donation to the SVS Foundation in their mentors’ honor.

Several members did just that for National Doctors’ Day, with $3,100 in contributions to recognize eight different SVS members.

“I cannot tell you how flattered and moved I am that a valued colleague honored me in this way on Doctors’ Day,” said SVS Foundation Chair Peter Lawrence, MD, one of the honorees.

“He knows how much the Foundation and its work mean to me, and I cannot think of a more meaningful tribute.”

Others similarly honored on National Doctors’ Day were: Alfio Carroccio, MD, Benjamin Chang, MD, Alan Dardik, MD, R. Clement Darling III, MD, Manish Mehta, MD, Philip Paty, MD, and Sean Roddy, MD.

SVS members who would like to do the same may email the Foundation at for more information. When the Foundation’s new website—now in progress—is completed, honorarium gifts will be available online.