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Everyone Can Participate in Gala Silent Auction

The SVS “Vascular Spectacular” gala, after months of planning, is nearly here. And everyone, no matter where they are in the world on Friday, June 14, may participate in the Online Raffle or Silent Auction, right until it closes. (One caveat: You’ll need to have an Internet connection.)

Bidding and buying online raffle tickets start at vam19gala.givesmart. com and end during the gala itself. The $20 raffle tickets could earn the buyer $500, $250 or $100 cash.

Bidding on the auction packages began in late May. But even if it’s the day of, there’s still time to join in the fun:

  • Register at the link above and peruse the selections. • Place a bid. All bidders must be identified by name.
  • If desired, monitor bidding by setting up notifications when another hopeful ups the ante.
  • Continue to bid until the auction closes during the gala itself, or you’ve reached your limit.
  • Wait for your prizes to be mailed to you.

The live auction takes place at the sold-out gala in its entirety and only those present can bid.

All proceeds will benefit the important work of the SVS Foundation, including research grants, prevention programs and public education and awareness.

Drs. Cynthia Shortell and Benjamin Starnes are co-chairs of the event. Committee members are Drs. Enrico Ascher, William Jordan Jr., Melina Kibbe, Richard Lynn, Matthew Mell, Ben Pearce, Amy Reed, Russell Samson, William Shutze, Mal Sheahan, Maureen Sheehan and Anton Sidawy.