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Continuing the cause of the SVS Branding Toolkit

Beth Bales

A new SVS Branding Toolkit is the culmination of hard work over the past two years by the Public and Professional Outreach (PPO) Committee, according to campaign spearhead and committee chair Joseph L. Mills, MD. And there’s more to come for 2021.

The vascular surgery branding initiative was identified by SVS members two years ago as one of their highest priorities. The major branding themes developed include “surgery is only part of our story” and the “comprehensive vascular care” that vascular surgeons provide in a longitudinal fashion.

“The well-received Branding Toolkit is the result of these efforts,” says Mills. This toolkit includes individually customizable full videos, video clips, as well as referral and condition-specific flyers. The three fliers currently completed and available for use by members cover abdominal aortic aneurysms, chronic limb threatening ischemia and diabetic foot ulcers.

Based on the excellent reception, the PPO plans to complete additional condition fliers. These fliers (which can be printed or linked, and are downloadable) will address other major conditions vascular surgeons commonly treat, including carotid disease and stroke, dialysis access, thoracic outlet syndrome, acute and chronic venous disease, claudication and peripheral arterial disease, peripheral aneurysms, and visceral and renal artery occlusive disease. The committee will also organize video clips and virtual interactive sessions to teach SVS members how to use the Branding Toolkit in their individual practices and will actively seek feedback to improve the utility of the toolkit.