SVS Foundation Awardees 2017

Jul 23, 2017

At the 2017 Vascular Annual Meeting (May 31-June 3), the SVS Foundation awarded a number of basic and clinical research grants.

SVS Foundation and American College of Surgeons Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development AwardKaren Woo, MD; University of California, Los Angeles; Outcomes of Dialysis Vascular Access in the Elderly

Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development AwardMohamed Zayed, MD, PhD; Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis; The Role of Phospholipogenesis in Diabetic Peripheral Arterial Disease

E.J. Wylie Traveling FellowshipChristopher Abularrage, MD; Johns Hopkins Hospital

Clinical Research Seed Grant•    Dawn Coleman, MD; University of Michigan; The Natural History and Genetics of Renal Artery Aneurysm Through a Prospective Multiinstitutional Registry•    Ulka Sachdev, MD; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; Dynamic Inflammatory Networks in Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Resident Research AwardAndrew Kimball, MD; University of Michigan; Impaired SETDB2 Regulation in Diabetic Wound Macrophages Prevents Transition from Inflammation to Proliferation and Delays Wound Healing

Research Career Development Travel Award•    Misty Humphries, MD; University of California (Davis) Health System•    Jeffrey J. Siracuse, MD; Boston Medical Center•    Mohamed Zayed, MD, PhD; Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis

VascularCures/ SVS Foundation Wylie Scholar AwardSean English, MD; Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis

Vascular Research Initiatives Conference Trainee Travel Scholarship•    Spencer Barnhill, BS; Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine; Interleukin 2 Promotes Proliferation and Migration in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells•    Jonathan S. Cudnik, MD; University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine; Sub-Endothelial Matrix Targeted Liposomal Nanoparticles for Vascular Therapeutics•    Benjamin Jacobs, MD; University of Michigan; IL-17 Amplifies Thrombosis in a Mouse Model of DVT•    Noel M. Phan, BS; University of Minnesota Medical School/ Research year at University of Wisconsin-Madison; Receptor Interacting Kinase 1 Contributes To Pathogenesis Of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm By Causing Smooth Muscle Cell Necroptosis As Well As Inflammation

Student Research Fellowship Award(* Denotes a recipient also awarded a SVS General Surgery Resident/Medical Student VAM Travel Scholarship)

•    Kshitij Anil Desai; Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine; Sponsor: Mohamed Zayed, MD; The Diabetic Lipid Microenvironment – Identifying Novel Expression Patterns in Peripheral Artery Disease Progression•    Will Hausman; University of Nebraska Medical Center; Sponsor:  B. Timothy Baxer, MD; Characterizing Peripheral T Regulatory Cell Activity in AAA and Control Patients•    Nicholai Henry; Emory University School of Medicine; Sponsor: Luke Brewster, MD; Discovering the Role of D-Flow and Exercise on the Arterial Remodeling of Femoral Arteries•    Sujin Lee*; Emory University School of Medicine; Sponsor: Shipra Arya, MD; Peripheral Calcium Score for Evaluation of Peripheral Arterial Disease•    Camilo Martinez; Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center; Sponsor: Philip Goodney, MD; Ensuring Quality in the Quality Initiative: Comparing VQI-Medicare Linked Data to Chart Review for Carotid Surgery•    Graham McClure; McMaster University; Sponsor: John Harlock, MD; Predictors of Surgical Site Infection After Saphenous Vein Harvest – A CORONARY Trial Substudy•    Joel Ramirez*; University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine; Sponsor: Marlene Grenon, MD; Development and Validation of Novel Biomarkers to Predict Cardiovascular Events in a Veteran Cohort•    Thomas Sorrentino*; University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine; Sponsor: Michael Conte, MD; Biochemical and PET/MRI-based Evaluation of Inflammation Resolution after Peripheral Vascular Intervention•    Katharine Wolf; Yale University School of Medicine; Sponsor: Alan Dardik, MD, PhD; The Role of TGF-beta in Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation and its Implications for Sex-specific Patient Outcomes•    Venus Kit Sze Wu*; University of Washington; Sponsor: Sherene Shalhub, MD; Emergency Department Visits and Hospital Readmissions•    Kelly Wun; Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; Sponsor: Karen Ho, MD; Modulation of Neointimal Hyperplasia by Microbe-Derived Propionate


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