Secret Tip For VAM17 Abstract Submitters

Dec 06, 2016

The Number One Tip for Submission Success

Here’s the most important advice you will get from the program committee chair: Submit early.

The deadline is Jan. 25, 2017, but many people wait until the very last day to start the electronic submission process. If submitting authors don’t have all profile and disclosure information for every co-author before they start, they could miss the deadline.

Dr. Ronald Dalman, program chair, recommends submitting no later than the weekend before the deadline. In 2015, the SVS had more than 600 submissions, many of which came in the last 24 hours.

“Those who submit should carefully review the electronic submission guidelines,” Dr. Dalman explained. “Realizing on the last day that you don’t have one author’s disclosure form is stressful and may jeopardize your chances of making the program. Please gather all your information early, and submit your completed abstract as soon as it is ready.”

The 2017 Vascular Annual Meeting will be May 31 – June 3, with plenaries and exhibits starting on June 1.