In Historic First, SVS Holding Online Officer Voting

Jun 15, 2020

SVS members voted decisively to change SVS bylaws and permit all eligible voting members to participate in Society business decision-making. The vote came Monday, June 15, during the first session of the SVS Annual Business Meeting. The meeting was held virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Officer voting opened at 7 p.m. Central Daylight Time that same day and ends at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 20, CDT. Members may select from among two choices each for SVS Vice President and Treasurer for 2020-21. Candidates are:

Vice President: Michael C. Dalsing and Samuel R. Money
Treasurer: Keith D. Calligaro and Cynthia K. Shortell

“Having a voice” in selecting the Society’s future leadership, said SVS President Dr. Kim Hodgson, is one of his proudest moments as an SVS member. 

Visit vote. Only Active and Senior members in good standing may vote. Election results will be announced during the second Annual Business Meeting, 2 to 3 p.m. CDT Saturday, June 20. 

“The committee asks all eligible members to vote in this historic election, now open to all voting members,” said Nominating Committee Chair Dr. Ronald Fairman. Previously, only those present at the Annual Business Meeting, held typically during the Vascular Annual Meeting, could vote. 

Dr. Fairman called finalizing candidates “the hardest job in the SVS,” as it requires selecting carefully from “incredibly qualified” individuals. 

He also asked members to “refrain from any organized electioneering. We anticipate members will talk among themselves and with one another … and this is appropriate,” he said. But, he added, all members should be “free of undue influence in making their voting decisions.”

The bylaws changes passed with 98.2 percent of voting members approving. They have been under consideration for approximately a year, with opening up the election process a key initiative of Dr. Hodgson. During the meeting, SVS Secretary Amy Reed outlined the proposals, which include changing officer elections to online voting, being able to submit write-in candidates; and charging the Nominating Committee with presenting two qualified candidates for each open office position. Also, the changes provide electronic voting on all matters requiring membership approval and changing terms of office for Secretary and Treasurer to single three-year terms – to provide continuity – from three separate, renewable one-year terms.  

The amendments also provide a mechanism and criteria to add representatives to the Strategic Board of Directions, including options to include representatives from among nurses, physician assistants, technologists and others; allow a process for the removal of an officer or member of the Strategic Board of Directors, with a two-thirds majority required, suitably “a high bar” for such an action, said Dr. Reed. The amendments also add an article of dissolution that outlines what would happen in the unlikely event the SVS would have to be dissolved.