Celebrating Women's History Month - A Profile on Jessica Simons, MD

Mar 13, 2024

Jessica P. Simons is a vascular surgeon at UMass Memorial Healthcare. She received her medical degree from UMass Chan Medical School and has been in practice since 2013. 

In the heart of Worcester, Massachusetts, a trailblazing vascular surgeon is making waves in the medical community. Jessica P. Simons, MD, has been a figure in the field since early in her career. 

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With a medical degree from UMass Chan Medical School, Simons has dedicated her career to vascular surgery at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. She is the program director for the residency and the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) chair of the Quality Improvement Committee, demonstrating her commitment to advancing the quality of care in vascular surgery. 

Simons, a full-time clinician, emphasizes the importance of understanding patients on a personal level. Her approach involves tailoring decision-making to the unique circumstances of each patient, acknowledging the significance of their lives and support systems. 

Surprisingly, Simons wasn't initially aware of Women's History Month and underscores the need for campaigns like these. 

“I think that's kind of why a campaign like this is very useful for bringing attention to the achievements of women that are so worthy of celebration, so I applaud the SVS for trying to highlight this,” said Simons. 

She acknowledges the strides made by the SVS and the SVS Foundation in addressing gender-based disparities in peripheral artery disease and other pathologies. Simons highlights ongoing initiatives to ensure better representation of women in clinical trials and as principal investigators, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable healthcare landscape. 

“There have been countless instances where it has been demonstrated that outcomes improve for patients when there is a correspondence, some sort of shared trait between the surgeon and the patient. And so, to that end, given the diversity of our patients, we need a panel of surgeons that match that same diversity to optimize outcomes,” said Simons. 

One of the initiatives that Simons commends is the SVS's efforts to attract young talent to vascular surgery. She sees great potential in initiatives like Resident travel awards, Resident Research awards, and medical student initiatives to increase diversity in the vascular surgery workforce. 

Simons encourages support for the SVS Foundation, viewing it as an opportunity to demonstrate a unified spirit for initiatives that aim to amplify voices in vascular surgery.  

"These initiatives are valuable opportunities that provide women a greater voice in vascular surgery. We recognize that, ultimately, everyone offers a valuable perspective and skill set, regardless of what other labels are applied," said Simons.

When you donate to the SVS Foundation, you support Voices of Vascular's important work in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more and make your gift today. 

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