Manage My Practice

The Society offers several resources to enable members to more effectively manage their practices.

Hot Topics from the SVS

Practice Tools 

  • Find resources to help with adopting MACRA, marketing your practice, and building partnerships with other medical professionals. 

Young Surgeon Resources 

  • Access tools tailored specifically to surgeons in the first decade of their practice and recent graduates.

Leadership Development Tools & Resources

  • Find courses, programs, and other resources to develop leadership and collaboration skills to apply in your practice.


  • View resources and articles related to maintaining physician health and well-being.

Video Resources 

  • Vascular surgeons are featured on topics of interest to medical professionals and referring physicians. 

Coding Guide

  • The coding guide is now managed by the Society for Vascular Ultrasound. Use this link to purchase, using the code SVSCA for a $100 discount