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We need your help with benchmarking

Please Complete Benchmarking Surveys

Curious how vascular services are benchmarked and valued? Wouldn’t you want to have this information to share with your administrators and colleagues?

The SVS and the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) remind SVS members to participate in two important surveys. MGMA is reintroducing vascular surgery as a benchmarked specialty, and these surveys will provide data on the process of negotiating contracts and the balance between practice costs and revenue.

• MGMA Compensation and Production Survey (Jan. 8 -Feb. 16): Collects data on compensation for medical practice leadership and support staff, physician and non-physician providers and the productivity by specialty, including provider collections, encounters, work RVUs, etc.

• MGMA Cost and Revenue Survey (March 5-April 13): Collects data on medical practice revenue, expenses, production, staffing ratios, payer mix and accounts receivable. Certain specialties may have additional specialty-specific data. Vascular surgery is now included in these specialties.


When the results are released (mid-May and mid-July, respectively), participants can access the results at

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