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SVS Creating Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Please Volunteer by Sept. 17

Volunteers are needed for a new SVS Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The SVS is seeking members with a desire to explore issues related to inequity in the field of vascular surgery. The task force will research inequities related to gender, race, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation and develop strategies to reduce identified inequities. SVS is well-poised for a proactive approach to identifying and working to improve environmental conditions that foster inequities within our specialty. 

Volunteers should have a strong interest and research experience in equity, diversity and inclusion and its potential impact on issues such as discrimination and bias. Candidates with proven expertise in developing methods to reduce inequities are encouraged to volunteer. The task force will be comprised of a diverse group of individuals of varied gender, racial and ethnic backgrounds, geographic areas and experience levels, including vascular surgery trainees.  

The task force's scope of work is to:

  • Evaluate inequities in the vascular surgery career trajectory, from training to the workplace to vascular society engagement and leadership, such as those associated with gender, race, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation
  • Develop or review specific proposals for equity, diversity and inclusion projects that can be promulgated or implemented by the SVS and other collaborating partners
  • Assist SVS in developing an overarching strategy to increase awareness about inequities, including tools to encourage diversity in the specialty and support a diverse workforce with equal opportunities

Monthly calls are anticipated, with the potential for a face-to-face meeting in fall/winter.

To be considered for this task force, e-mail a brief statement of interest to: by Sept. 17.