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Invest in the Future with a Donation to SVS PAC

A letter to members from SVS President Dr. Bruce A. Perler and SVS PAC Steering Committee Chair Dr. Randall DeMartino:

We want to sincerely thank the 248 SVS members who contributed to the Political Action Committee (PAC) in 2015, which helped us score three major victories on Capitol Hill:

  • Repeal of the Sustainable Growth Rate formula that determined Medicare physician reimbursement
  • Reform of the Medicare physician payment system
  • Preventing the elimination of the 10- and 90-day global surgical packages

Among the PAC supporters were 100 percent of the SVS Board of Directors and 100 percent of partners in seven vascular surgery practices. We believe this is one of your professional duties as an SVS member.   

The SVS PAC 2015 contributions totaled $103,000; however, this was from only 6 percent of the SVS membership. Even among similar-sized surgical groups, we remain the smallest surgical PAC. And, our colleagues in radiology, orthopedic surgery and anesthesiology are two to three times more likely to contribute to their PACs. The SVS PAC is the main way to have our voice heard in Washington, D.C. – we must remain active to ensure that our priorities are understood.  


Why contribute?

  • One hundred percent of SVS PAC contributions are used to gain access to Congressional members and non-incumbent candidates in both political parties who decide and/or are supportive of our issues. 
  • PAC contributions enable SVS members and staff to personally interact with targeted members of Congress who determine the future of vascular surgery, particularly those who serve on health committees, are in leadership positions and/or are physicians. 
  • SVS members and staff attended fundraising events for 44 members of Congress and one non-incumbent candidate in 2015 and advocated for important vascular issues at every event.
  • Although SVS achieved legislative victories in 2015, we continue to have important issues to oppose or support.

Unlike the SVS Foundation that can accept corporate contributions, the SVS PAC must rely on individual contributions. These can be made by personal check using the PAC donation form, which can be accessed at Donations also can be made online by personal credit or debit card on a monthly, quarterly or one-time basis. 

All SVS members who contribute to the PAC will receive pins and will be recognized at the 2016 Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM). Those who contribute $1,000 or more are recognized as our Capitol Club members and will receive a gold pin for these generous contributions and an invitation to an exclusive PAC event with members of Congress on Capitol Hill during VAM  2016. Please consider contributing as an investment in your future.

Finally, all 2015 PAC contributors are recognized in the PAC Annual Report, which can be accessed at The report includes interesting features on Dr. Christopher Healey, who contributes monthly, and Dr. Sachin Phade, whose entire practice contributes to the SVS PAC. 
Dr. Bruce Perler, SVS President
Dr. Randall De Martino, SVS PAC Steering Committee Chair           


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