Student Research Fellowship

Submission deadline: February 1

The SVS Foundation Student Research Fellowship stimulates laboratory and clinical vascular research by undergraduate college students and medical school students registered at universities in the United States and Canada.

The intent of the fellowship award is to further the student’s education and introduce the student to the application of rigorous scientific methods to clinical problems and underlying biologic processes important to patients with vascular disease. 

Successful applications are hypothesis-focused and achievable in the research period proposed. Projects supported by this award include basic science and translational research conducted by a vascular surgeon-scientist mentor as well as clinical research projects conducted under the auspices of a mentor experienced in clinical research.

Each fellowship consists of a $3,000 award and a two-year complimentary subscription to the Journal of Vascular Surgery.


Time Period

The award is designed for students to spend a meaningful period of time on a project either in a block of several months or spread out over a longer period of time, not to exceed 12 months. The minimum full-time commitment is two months.

Work Site

The application should include the institution (school, hospital, or research facility) where the student project will be conducted. The student must be enrolled in a university in Canada or the United States and sponsored by a SVS member. Students enrolled in combined MD/PhD programs may not submit a proposal for research that is a component of the degree process.

SVS Member Sponsor Responsibility

The SVS member who sponsors the student is expected to supervise the research project during the scholarship period. All scholarships are awarded with the understanding that the sponsoring SVS member accepts full responsibility for the project and the completion of a final report at the conclusion of the project. This responsibility also includes assisting with the experimental design designated in the application. An individual SVS member may sponsor only one student application per year.  Residents and fellows may not sponsor a student.

Final Report 

A report (1,000-1,500 words) by the student and the sponsoring SVS member must be submitted to the Research and Education Committee at the completion of the project and before any other approved funds for other students sponsored by the SVS member are released.

Application Process

SVS Foundation is invested in a process that assures diversity, equity and inclusion for our award and scholarship opportunities. We encourage enthusiastic, eligible applicants from all aspects of gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity to apply.

The application deadline is February 1. Decisions regarding the award are sent to applicants in April.  Awardees receive award checks in May.  

An Application Form must be completed and the following materials in PDF format must be uploaded via the online application submission site (site will open in Fall 2021). Applications may be rejected if formatting requirements are not followed or application is incomplete.

  • Application Form includes:
    • Student name, contact information, and status
    • Project title
    • Project type – basic science, translational science or clinical research
    • Project time period
    • SVS Member Sponsor name and contact information
    • Institution where research is taking place
  • Research plan and specific aim of proposed project
    • Not to exceed 5 pages, not including references (12 point font with 1-inch margins)
    • Include sections on Background, Aim and Hypothesis and Research Techniques
    • The specific aspects of research to be performed by the student should be the focus of the research plan and include what the student expects to gain from the project
    • If the student is performing a specific technical aspect of a complex experiment, describe those components specifically.
    • If the project is a component of a larger scientific endeavor, include information regarding the larger project as Context for Student Project as part of the Background section.
  • Student’s Curriculum Vitae
  • SVS Member Sponsor’s NIH Biosketch or Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of support for the student from SVS Member Sponsor. The letter should include:
    • A brief review of the scientific resources available to the student such as statistical support, laboratory personnel who will interact with the student and their role in the project, and any other support that will ensure that the student is able to perform the tasks in the timeframe allotted
    • A list of other trainees (students and residents) who have been personally trained by the SVS Member Sponsor in the past 10 years


For questions, email or telephone 800-258-7188.