James S.T. Yao Resident Research Award

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James S. T. Yao Resident Research Award (with headshot of Dr. Yao)

Submissions are closed for 2024

The James S. T. Yao Resident Research Award is intended to motivate physicians early in their training to pursue their interest in research that explores the biology of vascular disease and potential translational therapies.  

The SVS Research Council selects one recipient for the James S.T. Yao Resident Research Award each year to have their research featured at the Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM)

The James S.T. Yao Resident Research Award is designed to provide special recognition of publication-quality original scientific work that has been unpublished in manuscript form. The recognition includes a VAM Scientific Session presentation before the membership of the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS), a $5,000 award and a one-year complimentary subscription to the Journal of Vascular Surgery

Eligibility for Selection

  • The resident (surgery resident, vascular surgery resident or vascular surgery fellow) must be enrolled in a training program in the United States or Canada.
  • A member of the SVS must be a senior collaborator and must assume responsibility for the research.
  • The research must be an original, scientifically-sound, hypothesis-driven exploration. It is expected that the majority of the research will have been performed by the resident. Priority is given to studies that elucidate the pathophysiology of vascular disease or explore novel therapeutic possibilities based on mechanisms of disease.
  • The submitted work must not have been previously published or accepted for publication at the time of submission. 
  • The manuscript may be simultaneously submitted for publication but it must be under publication (online or print) embargo until after the resident’s presentation at VAM.
  • An abstract of the work may simultaneously be submitted for consideration for presentation at the Vascular Research Initiatives Conference (VRIC). The Award winner will only be asked to present at VAM and not at the VRIC.
  • SVS Foundation is invested in a process that assures diversity, equity and inclusion for our award and scholarship opportunities. We encourage enthusiastic, eligible applicants from all aspects of gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity to apply.

Application Process

The following materials must be submitted via the online application submission site (closed for 2024). 

  1. An abstract and a complete manuscript. The manuscript title page should indicate which journal the manuscript will be submitted to and the anticipated date of submission. The manuscript format must comply with the Instructions for Authors for that journal. Please include all appendices/extended online text. 
  2. Resident’s Curriculum Vitae
  3. A letter from the SVS sponsoring member, describing the resident’s contributions to the research, the SVS sponsoring member's role in the project and the resident's status in the training program where the research is taking place

All applicants will receive a confirmation email when their materials have been received. 
The SVS Research Council selects the recipient of the James S.T. Yao Resident Research Award. Decisions regarding the James S.T. Yao Resident Research Award are mailed to the recipient in April.

About James S. T. Yao

James (Jimmy) S.T. Yao, MD, PhD, a distinguished figure in vascular research, passed away on Dec. 20, 2022. The renaming of this award pays tribute to an individual who dedicated his life to advancing vascular surgery. The financial contribution from Yao’s wife, Louise, along with their three children, Kathy, a surgeon; John, a musician; and Pauline, a museum curator, ensures that his legacy continues to inspire future generations of vascular surgeons.

Vascular Annual Meeting and Vascular Research Initiatives Conference Information

Only the James S. T. Yao Resident Research Award winner is asked to present their findings at VAM.  Presentation of basic research in vascular disease and surgery is the focus of the Vascular Research Initiatives Conference. In order to be considered for presentation at VRIC, and in the event the resident is not selected for the James S.T. Yao Resident Research Award, residents are encouraged to simultaneously submit their research abstract to the VRIC program.    

For information, email SVSFoundation@vascularsociety.org or telephone 800-258-7188. 

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