Celebrating Black History Month - A Profile on Daemar Jones

Feb 28, 2024

Daemar Jones is a fourth-year medical student at Texas Tech University Health Science Center, School of Medicine. He is a 2023-2024 Social Media Ambassador for the Society for Vascular Surgery.

In the heart of Texas, Daemar Jones is carving a unique path through the world of medicine, leaving a mark not only as a fourth-year medical student at Texas Tech University but also as an involved member of the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS). This Black History Month, Jones’ story emerges as an inspiring narrative of resilience, mentorship and a commitment to community well-being.


Daemar's close-knit family, consisting of his mother and younger brother, guided his journey, with his mother, a medical assistant, serving as his inspiration.

“She did everything that she could as a mother, and I saw how she interacted with her patients, how she educated, how she advocated, and despite her educational background, she still performed the same as when working with the surgeons,” said Jones.

Following in the footsteps of many first-generation college students, he pursued higher education and earned a master's degree from Texas Tech University. During this time, he developed a passion for dissection and teaching skills, reinforcing his aspiration to become a surgeon. Although his interest in vascular surgery emerged later in his career, the patients he encountered in Texas influenced his decision. Daemar's dedication to educating and advocating for patients with lower extremity peripheral arterial disease became the driving force behind his pursuit of vascular surgery. Numerous mentors guided him throughout his journey and instilled in him the significance of passing on knowledge.

"I'm trying to increase the pipeline for not just surgery but also getting students into the healthcare field," he expressed.

Jones’ passion extends beyond the medical realm, as he has been devoted to basketball and his love for the sport remains a constant in his life. As a young boy, he spent time honing his skills, a hobby that has evolved into a lifelong commitment. In addition to his medical pursuits and basketball endeavors, he has delved into the art of cutting hair—a skill he actively learns and practices. Jones acquired his proficiency in cutting hair through the guidance of the barbers in his community in his youth. Acknowledging the significance of supporting Black businesses, Daemar actively contributes to his community. Despite the challenges of being a medical student, he strives to assist friends who have established their own companies, emphasizing the importance of economic empowerment within the Black community.

Jones’ advocacy reaches beyond individual accomplishments; he actively mentors students to increase the pipeline of underrepresented individuals in the healthcare field. He envisions innovative approaches, such as "barbershop blood pressures," to engage minority patients in discussions about cardiovascular health. Collaborating with nursing and pharmacy students from his institution, Jones transforms healthcare outreach into a community-wide initiative.

"I do think representation matters because, at the end of the day, as patients, our minority patients and Black or African American patients are hit hardest with vascular diseases," said Jones.

He shares stories of gratitude and smiles from patients who are surprised to see a physician who looks like them, emphasizing the positive impact of diversity in the medical profession.

Daemar's introduction to the SVS came through a scholarship, marking his first experience with the Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM). Grateful for the opportunity, he emphasizes donating to the SVS Foundation, recognizing its impact on supporting physicians and students and fostering a legacy of excellence.

“Coming from me, the student who had all odds statistically as someone who's not supposed to be here, if I get the match acceptance, I aspire to advance my career academically and become an academic mentor. My goal is to be a resident with skills that impact my community. Those are the aspirations that drive me forward, and I am determined to break barriers and inspire the next generation,” said Jones.

Jones hopes to hear good news regarding a residency acceptance this Match Day (March 15) to continue his vascular journey.

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