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EPA Retreat

Thursday, June 24th, 12:30 pm CT-5:00 pm CT

The introductory retreat served as a deep dive for participants to learn about the EPA concept in greater detail, engage in Q&A, and prepare for the process of creating EPAs.

Entrustable Professional Activities contribute to the seismic shift of medical education from our current time-based system to a competency-based system. EPA development and implementation are rapidly progressing across medical and surgical specialties and has been well-established as the future of assessment across the continuum of medical education in the United States. As such, EPAs could potentially be used in a high-stakes fashion, including for decisions related to trainee advancement, remediation, and graduation, as well as board-eligibility. Therefore, development of EPAs for Vascular Surgery must be undertaken in a rigorous fashion with careful attention to validity.

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