The APDVS Education Committee identified 28 educational conferences with vascular trainees among the target audience. This resource provides Program Directors pertinent course information and a breakdown down of the course content for each conference.

Short educational conferences can provide a valuable supplement to vascular surgical training, but can vary in the content and purpose.  Some are comprehensive with a full scale of medical and non-medical didactics (how to establish a practice/ investing advise), open/ endo simulation and cadavers.  Others may offer only one component such as regional mock orals with direct feedback to the program director.  With the increase in the number of institutional, societal and industry courses, it can be challenging for the PD and the trainee to discern “value” in each course as it means time away from their training program, as well as time away from home.  This grid is designed to allow PD’s and trainees to search for a desired component such as a topic (mock orals) or region to pick the best conference to attend.