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Clowes Distinguished Lecture

Alexander W. Clowes Distinguished Lecture

The Alexander W. Clowes Distinguished Lecture was established in memory of Dr. Alec Clowes, professor of surgery at the University of Washington and an internationally recognized vascular surgeon-scientist whose ground-breaking work spanned more than three decades and who had a profound impact on the specialty, the Society for Vascular Surgery and its Foundation. 

Honored by the SVS with its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015, Dr. Clowes served on the Board of Directors of the SVS Lifeline Foundation from 1994-2003 and played a critical role in two initiatives that have had a longstanding impact in the area of vascular research:  the jointly sponsored SVS Foundation/NHLBI Career Development Award program and the Vascular Research Initiatives Conference (VRIC). 

Each  year, the distinguished lecturer will be an esteemed vascular biologist or vascular surgeon scientist who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to research in vascular disease and who exemplifies the qualities of Dr. Clowes. The first Alexander W. Clowes Distinguished Lecture was presented on May 3, 2017, at the VRIC by William C. Sessa on the  topic of "New Insights into Arteriogenesis and Blood Flow Control."

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In order to support the Clowes Disinguished Lecture in perpetuity, the SVS Foundation has established a fund-raising goal of $50,000. Please help us honor the memory of Dr. Alec Clowes by contributing to support the lecture. 

Donors who have contributed to the Alexander Clowes Lecture Fund, January 1, 2017 to July 26, 1017

Ali F AbuRahma, MD

Sateesh C Babu, MD

Patricia Burton

Richard P Cambria, MD

James G Chandler, MD

G. Patrick Clagett, MD

John A Curci, MD

Herbert Dardik, MD

Alan Dardik, MD, PhD

David L Dawson, MD

Susan Detweiler, MD

Ronald M Fairman, MD

Randolph L Geary, MD

Raul J Guzman, MD

John (Jeb) W Hallett, MD

Christian A. Hamlat, MD

Thomas S Hatsukami, MD

Richard Kenagy, PhD

Melina R Kibbe, MD

Larry W Kraiss, MD

Gregory J Landry, MD

Cheong J Lee, MD

Richard A Lynn, MD, FACS, RPVI

Firas F Mussa, MD, MS

C. Keith Ozaki, MD

William C Pevec, MD

Norman M Rich, MD, FACS,

Marc L Schermerhorn, MD

Peter A.Schneider, MD

William P. Shutze, MD

Kenneth M Slaw, PhD

Gale L. Tang, M.D.

University of Washington, Division of Vascular Surgery - Dr. Benjamin W. Starnes, Chief 

Gilbert R Upchurch, Jr., MD

John V White, MD

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The legacy of Dr. Clowes

Most striking was his selfless commitment to his ecosystem of colleagues and trainees. He was a phenomenal mentor, a lifelong cheerleader, a touchstone.
- Ronald Dalman



Bar none, he was the leading vascular surgeon- scientist of the last 20 to 30 years. He was a great mentor to a great many people, and was very committed to supporting young surgeon-scientists. He was critical in getting the NIH to be part of the K08 Career Development Award program. That’s a pretty good legacy for vascular surgery.
- Michael Conte


Very few of us will ever be able to see their legacy play out.  Alec was blessed to have watched so many of his trainees, and others who sought his advice and mentorship, accomplish so much in the pursuit of vascular research.  He knew his legacy was playing out through each of us and was very proud. 
-Randy Geary


Alec was instrumental in establishing the collaboration between the Lifeline Foundation (now the SVS Foundation) and the NHLBI Mentored Clinical Scientist Career Development Award program.  He would help you improve or change a proposal to make it more competitive. It's difficult to combine surgery and science, but Alec did both successfully and with excellence.
-Larry Kraiss


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