Vascular Care for the Underserved™ Committees

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee reports to the SVS Foundation Board and provides the Vascular Care for the Underserved Program oversight and defines the short- and long-term strategic objectives, inclusive of deliverables, timelines and metrics for measuring success. Oversees and guides all subcommittees.

Chair: Jens Jorgensen, MD, DFSVS

Members: Peter Lawrence, MD, DFSVS; Joseph Hart, MD; Richard Lynn, MD; Jim Neupert; William Shutze, DFSVS; Marty Sylvain, Edith Tzeng, MD, DFSVS; Michael Conte, MD, DFSVS; David Armstrong, DPM, MD; Joe Mills, MD, DFSVS


Strategic Planning Subcommittee

In concert with the Steering Committee, assists in defining the overall objectives for Vascular Care for the Underserved consisting of short- and long-term strategic plans inclusive of deliverables and timelines. Create metrics for measuring success. 

Pilot Projects Subcommittee

Develop Pilot Projects Request for Proposals (RFP) including eligibility, criteria, and metrics for evaluation. Serve as the review committee, recommending future pilot projects for implementation.

Education Materials/Resources Subcommittee

Ensure SVS and SVS Foundation patient educational materials and resources are relevant, current, and available for use.

Providing Clinical Care Feasibility Subcommittee

Define obstacles to providing clinical care and routes to solutions regarding licensing, credentialing, malpractice, and continuity of care to determine feasibility and timing of the next phase of the Vascular Care for the Underserved Program.