Apply For Disaster Relief

The SVS Foundation Disaster Relief Fund provides emergency assistance for vascular surgery practices and vascular patients in disaster-devastated communities. The SVS Foundation (SVSF) is committed to Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) members in these areas who are devoted to their patients and our mission to save lives and limbs. 

SVS members may request funding when needs arise that cannot be met through federal assistance or other funding resources. Applications are reviewed by an ad hoc committee appointed by the SVSF Board of Directors to ensure funds will provide meaningful support to vascular surgery practices and the patients they serve. 

Eligibility Requirements

The physician applicant must be a member of SVS (Active, International, Senior or Candidate) and be current with their SVS membership dues.


The amount of funding is contingent on available SVSF resources at the time of request. The grant does not support salary expenses except under extraordinary circumstances that must be described in the budget request. When an application is approved, SVS Foundation staff will coordinate the release of funds by check (IRS W-9 form required) or by wire transfer (international).

Application Materials

Submit the following materials to A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of the application materials.

  1. Name(s), title(s) and contact information for SVS member physician(s) requesting funds.
  2. Description of why funds are needed (2-3 pages), including:
    1. the unmet needs of the vascular surgery practice and patients in the disaster area
    2. why federal/state/local funding is not available to support the practice and patients in the disaster area
    3. if applicable, describe any need for vascular surgeon volunteers to assist in the area as clinicians
  3. Budget, amount of funding requested and how the funds will be used. (1 page)


A brief report will be due six months from the date the funds are dispersed and must include information on how the funds were spent. 


Acknowledgement of SVS Foundation is requested when there are opportunities to share this information (in presentations, on web pages, or in written resources).  The SVS Foundation may include information about the funding awarded in promotional materials.


For questions, telephone 800-258-7188 or email