Vascular Care for the Underserved™


There are significant disparities in health care services in the United States and many who do not receive appropriate vascular care resulting in limb loss, stroke and death. Contributing factors include lack of community resources and distance from modern healthcare facilities. 

The SVS Foundation Vascular Care for the Underserved program will provide outreach, screening and other resources to those who are impacted by lack of access, inadequate resources and/or distance from modern healthcare facilities. Many SVS members have expressed an interest in addressing disparities in care. Building on the Foundation’s successful grant programs for community awareness and prevention, Vascular Care for the Underserved will provide opportunities for members to make a direct impact.

This program focuses on bringing vascular care to areas of need – particularly underserved populations, e.g., African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and others who lack access due to low socioeconomic status. Vascular Care for the Underserved is being implemented through a pilot project grants focusing on awareness, education and prevention.  

Future funding will focus on the vascular care team approach to wound care and peripheral arterial disease.  

You can support Vascular Care for the Underserved by making a donation to the SVS Foundation Awareness and Prevention Fund

Vascular Care for the Underserved Pilot Projects