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Board of Directors

  • R. Clement Darling, III, MD, Chair
  • John Curci, MD, Member, Chair of Development Committee
  • Ronald Dalman, MD, Member
  • Kim Hodgson, MD, Member
  • Richard Lynn, MD, Member
  • Michel Makaroun, MD, Member
  • Sam Money, MD, Treasurer
  • William Shutze, MD, Member
  • Luke Brewster, MD, Member, Chair of Research & Education Committee
  • Edith Tzeng, MD, Ex-officio, Chair of Research Council
  • Sarah Murphy, Associate Executive Director
  • Patricia Burton, Executive Director

Development Committee

  • John Curci, MD, Chair
  • Ronald Dalman, MD
  • R. Clement Darling, III, MD
  • Thomas Forbes, MD
  • Vikram Kashyap, MD
  • Melina Kibbe, MD
  • Firas Mussa, MD
  • Peter Nelson, MD
  • Piergiorgio Settembrini, MD
  • Shirling Tsai, MD
  • Gilbert Upchurch, MD