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Visual Abstracts and Invited Session Promotions

The SVS Young Surgeons Section (YSS) has worked with the VAM23 Programming Committee to put together visual promotions for this year's program. Visuals for the Invited Sessions will be created/shown every two weeks leading up to VAM23 beginning February 8; the returning visual abstracts will be posted each week beginning March 6. Learn more about the Young Surgeons Section, or email Kristin Spencer to join.

NEW! How I Do It

The How I Do It session at VAM is widely attended and we don't want you to miss it. Take a look at the snippets from the How I Do It session cases each week leading up to VAM23. Go to the videos.

Visuals for Invited Sessions

Week 1 - February 8

Acute Limb Ischemia: Modern Management and Device Evolution

 Visual Promotion Preparation: Edward Gifford, MD

Week 2 - Feb 22

BEST-CLI Invited Session Promotion

Visual Promotion Preparation: Chelsea Dorsey, MD 

Week 3 - March 8

From Creation to Complication: Current Strategies in Hemodialysis Access

Visual Promotion Preparation: Maleek Masood

Week 4 - March 23 

Visual VAM week 4

Visual Promotion Preparation: Elizabeth Chou, MD 

Week 5- April 10

Invited Session Promotion - Week 5

Visual Promtion Preparation: Teah Qvavadze, MD 

Week 6 - April 24

Week 6 invited session

Visual Promotion Preparation: Ravi Ambani, MD 

Week 7 - May 8

Invited Session Promotion Week 7

Invited Session Promotion Preparation by: Heather Waldrop, MD 

Week 8 - May 30

Week 8 Invited Session Visual

Invited Session Promotion Preparation by: Ezra Schwarts, MD 

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Visual Abstracts 

Week 1 - March 6

Visual Abstract Week 1

Visual Abstract Created by: Edward Arous, MD
Abstract Submitted by:  Rohini Patel, MD

Week 2 - March 13

Visual Abstract for March 13

Visual Abstract Created by: Nicolas Mouawad, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Eric Finnesgard, MD

Week 3 - March 20

Visual Abstract for March 20

Visual Abstract Created by: Ravi Ambani, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Bahaa Succar, MD 

Week 4 - March 27

Week 4 visual abstract

Visual Abstract Created by: Michael McNally, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Hilary Hayssen

Week 5 - April 3

Visual Abstracts Week 5

Visual Abstract Created by: Imani McElroy, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Debbie R. Lee, MD

Week 6 - April 10

Visual Abstract Week 6

Visual Abstract Created by: Bianca Mulaney
Abstract Submitted by: Matthew Leverich, MD

Week 7 - April 17

Visual Abstracts Week 7

Visual Abstract Created by: Nathan Droz, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Roselyn Terrazos-Moreno, MD 

Week 8 - April 24

Week 8 Visual Abstract

Visual Abstract Created by: Indrani Sen, MD
Abstract Submitted by: David Kauvar, MD

Week 9 - May 1

Visual Abstract Week 9

Visual Abstract Created by: Tiziano Tallarita, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Armin Tabiei, MD

Week 10 - May 8

Visual Abstract Week 10

Visual Abstract Created by: Lindsey Korepta, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Takuro Shirasu, MD

Week 11 - May 15 

Week 10 Visual Abstract

Visual Abstract Created by: Saideep Bose, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Matthew Menard, MD

Week 12 - May 22

Visual Abstracts Week 12

Visual Abstract Created by: Mrinal Shukla, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Jason Zhang, MD

Week 13 - May 29 

Week 13 Visual Abstract

Visual Abstract Created by: Zachary Wanken, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Christina Cui, MD

Week 14 - June 5

Week 14 Visual Abstracts

Visual Abstract Created by: Caroline Nally, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Naoki Fujimura, MD

Week 15 - June 12

Week 15 Visual Abstract

Visual Abstract Created by: Libby M. Weaver, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Anirudh Chandrashekar, MD


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How I Do It

Week 1: Type II Endoleak Embolization via Transcaval Approach: How We Do It

Remote video URL



Week 2: Hybrid aorto-brachial bypass for a giant subclavian and axillary artery aneurysm in a Marfan patient

Remote video URL


Week 3: The "Safe-Link" Technique as Additional Attempt to Mitigate SCI After Complete Endovascular TAA Exclusion

Remote video URL


Week 4: Snare-Ride Technique for Target Vessel Catheterization Following Multi-Branched Endovascular Aortic Graft Rotation

Remote video URL

Week 5 - Carotid Body Tumor Resection

Remote video URL

Learn more about the Young Surgeons Section, or email Kristin Spencer to join.

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