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The SVS Young Surgeons Section (YSS) has worked with the VAM23 Programming Committee to put together visual promotions for this year's program. Visuals for the abstracts will be posted every Thursday beginning on March 7, and visual invited sessions will be posted every Tuesday beginning on March 12. Learn more about the Young Surgeons Section, or email Kristin Spencer to join.

Visual Abstracts

Week 1 - March 7 

Visual Abstract for week 1 of Visual VAM

Visual Abstract Created by: Chelsea Dorsey, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Daniel Lehane, MD


Week 2 - March 14

Visual Abstracts Week 2

Visual Abstract Created by: Kenneth Ziegler, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Mark Farber, MD 


Week 3 - March 21

Visual Abstract Week 3

Visual Abstract Created by: Young Kim, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Li Ting Tan, MD


Week 4 - March 28

Visual Abstract Week 4

Visual Abstract Created by: Ravi Ambani, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Ochoa Chaar, MD and Cassius Iyad, MD


Week 5 - April 4

Week 5 Visual Abstracts

Visual Abstract Created by:  Adeola Odugbesi, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Katharine McGinigle, MD, MPH


Week 6 - April 11

Visual Abstract Week 6

Visual Abstract Created by: Imani McElroy, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Andrea Alonso, MD


Week 7 - April 18

Visual VAM abstract week 7

Visual Abstract Created by: Nicolas Mouawad, MD
Abstract Submitted by: Venkata Vaddavalli, MD

Invited Sessions

Week 1 - March 12

Visual Invited Sessions Week 1

Visual Invited Session Created by: Edward Gifford, MD 

Week 2 - March 19

Visual Invited Session Week 2

Visual Invited Session Created by: Lindsey Korepta, MD 


Week 3 - March 26

Visual invited sessions week 2

Visual Invited Session Created By: Sadia Ilyas, MD 



Week 4 - April 2 

Visual Invited Session Week 4

Visual Invited Session Created By: Colin Clearly, MD 


Week 5 - April 9

Visual Invited Session Week 5

 Visual Invited Session Created By: Stephanie Talutis, MD


Week 6 - April 16

Visual VAM invited session week 5

Visual Invited Session Created by: Jarrad Rowse, MD 


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