VAM21 has ended but full program details can still be found in the online planner. If you attended VAM21 in either format, the on-demand recordings are now available. Recordings are only available for VAM 2021 registrants.

To access the recordings: 

  1. Go to and log in using your SVS credentials

  2. Choose the collection that correlates with your registration:

    • VAM21 Collection

    • 2021 VQI Collection

    • 2021 VRIC Collection

    • 2021 SVN Collection

  3. Click “start” and “click here” until you are directed to the VAM 2021 Planner

  4. Find and click into the session you want to view

  5. Click on a presentation within the session

  6. Click the "View Video" button in the bottom right corner

ACCESS THE Recordings

VAM 2022 program information will be available at a later date.