*Important Update! The VAM21 meeting dates have changed to August 18-21, 2021. 

We continue to plan full speed ahead for an in-person, high-impact, meeting where colleagues can once again connect and learn from each other. We’re hoping it won’t be necessary, but if it is, we will be ready to convert the meeting to an innovative and engaging virtual format. The protection and safety of our attendees remains our top priority.

The Society for Vascular Surgery and the Society for Vascular Ultrasound invites exhibitors to the 2021 Vascular Annual Meeting, the premier meeting for vascular surgeons and all vascular health professionals, on August 18-21, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.  The two-day format consolidates exposure to the maximum number of attendees while minimizing travel expenses. 

The presence of SVU at VAM expands upon past practice, said SVS President Dr. Ronald Dalman. “We have a longtime partnership and have held our meetings together in the past,” he said. “We traditionally offer joint programming at each other’s meetings. We’re taking the collaboration to the next level.”

“We’re excited at the prospect of meeting together in San Diego next year,” said SVU President Kelly Burns. “We are all members of the vascular team and members of both groups will be able to benefit and learn from each other and from our industry partners.”

The Vascular Annual Meeting provides a unique marketing opportunity for organizations that provide products or services to surgeons and all vascular health professionals in the management and treatment of vascular disease.  Pre-pandemic attendance was forecasted to be more than 2,000 vascular health professionals, including SVU’s attendance.

Exhibit Hall Highlights Include:

  • Networking Receptions
  • ​Daily attendee lunch
  • Two coffee breaks each day
  • Scavenger hunt prize game
  • Vascular Live Presentation Opportunity
  • “Ultrasound Row” designated space for ultrasound companies
  • SVS Member Services Booth
  • SVU Member Services Booth

2019* SVS Professional Category Registration Totals:

  • Physician:  1,177
  • Allied Health Professional (nurses, physician assistants):  277
  • Residents/Students:  115
  • Ticket Only professionals:  105
  • Total vascular professionals:  1,674

*the last live VAM held

2019* SVU Professional Category Registration Totals:

80% technologists
15% physicians
5% students

Click here to view the 2021 VAM Exhibitor Prospectus.  

To download a copy of the VAM21 exhibit booth application, please click here.

For additional information, please contact:

Robert Drewniak, Exhibit Sales
Phone: 312-265-9662
Email: Robert@CorcExpo.com

Monica Anchondo, Exhibit Manager
Phone: 312-265-9660
Email: manchondo@CorcExpo.com

Sponsorship Opportunities

Click here Information on sponsorship opportunities including:

  • Exhibit hall traffic builders such as the scavenger hunt or in-booth charging stations.   
  • Advertising: attendee key cards, escalator, elevator and railing clings, graphic meter panel signage; mobile device charging stations; convention center digital messaging or company logo on the convention center carpet
  • Vascular Connections: placement of an advertisement in the daily onsite newspaper (tba)
  • SVU educational opportunities such as live scanning, Innovation Stations and Rise and Shine Breakfasts.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, email Debbie Wallentin or call 847-680-4855.

Reserve a booth today and view the Exhibit Floor Plan

Click here to reserve a booth and view the exhibit floor plan in San Diego, as well as a list of our current exhibitors. For more information, contact Monica Anchondo at manchondo@corcexpo.com if you have any questions in the meantime.

Vascular Live Interactive Theater Experience

Vascular Live is a popular part of the attendee exhibit hall experience. This interactive experience at the Vascular Annual Meeting puts exhibitors face-to-face with vascular surgeons and technologists in the exhibit hall in a standing room only environment.

On the Vascular Live stage, exhibitors will present new ideas, showcase breakthrough technologies and discuss the latest trends in vascular surgery. The presentations are scheduled during unopposed coffee, lunch breaks and receptions to maximize attendance. Additionally, the Vascular Live stage is located immediately adjacent to the coffee break and lunch stations in the exhibit hall, with ample seating for attendees.

Time slots sell quickly.  Additional information including the application form will be added later.

Satellite Symposia
SVS offers confirmed exhibitors the opportunity to sponsor Satellite Symposia. Click here for a copy of the satellite symposia brochure.  For questions, email Debbie Wallentin or call 847-680-4855. 

Exhibitor Requests for Meeting Space
In accordance with the guidelines adopted by the SVS, exhibitors are not able to offer events/social functions geared towards professional attendees that directly conflict with the VAM21 educational program.  Wednesday evening is available for approved satellite symposia.  On Thursday and Friday evenings, SVS offers social events for all attendees.  Companies that are in violation of the guidelines will risk loss of priority points and possible disqualification from future Vascular Annual Meetings. 

Limited meeting space is available at the headquarters hotel for internal company meetings.  Please note that due to meeting space limitations, meeting requests for full-day meetings or offices cannot be granted.  SVS has made office space on the exhibit floor available for this purpose (see below).  To request meeting space, please complete the meeting request form and return to Debbie Wallentin.

Only approved 2021 Vascular Annual Meeting exhibitors may request meeting space.  There is a US$300 placement fee per form charged by SVS. Companies will be sent a confirmation of their meeting room assignment when meeting space assignments are made. 

All requests are due July 23, 2021. 

Exhibit Floor Office Space
Office space on the exhibit floor will once again be available to all exhibiting companies.  All offices will be stand-alone units without shared walls to guarantee privacy.  All offices will include carpeting, a locking door, 14”x22” ID sign and table/chairs (as noted below).  The following options are available:

  • 10’x10’ includes a conference table with four chairs (Cost:  $5,500)
  • 10’x20’ includes a conference table with eight chairs (Cost:  $8,500)
  • 20’x20’ includes a conference table with sixteen chairs (Cost:  $12,000)

Office space will be accessible during exhibit hours only.  The quantity is limited and space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  To request office space, please complete a meeting space request form (see above) and indicate “Office” in the “Meeting Name” line. 

Investigator Meetings
Exhibiting companies are encouraged to conduct investigator meetings during the Vascular Annual Meeting program.  Holding such events during the Thursday evening opening is discouraged.  The words “Investigator Meeting” must appear as part of the meeting name on the completed request form.