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Presenter Previews

VAM Presenter Previews

The SVS gives you a sneak peek of some newer VAM presenters in its #PresenterPreview campaign. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see these posted every week.

Dr. Steven Abramowitz
Presentation Title: A Novel Technique for Iliocaval Extravascular Reconstruction (TIER) and Associated Outcomes in Patients with Inferior Vena Cava Agenesis
Description: "TIER is a novel technique to treat patients with iliocaval agenesis who are suffering from advanced venous stasis dermatitis and ulceration. We were inspired to target this disease state after seeing the impact advanced venous stasis ulceration has on young adults and their quality of life, self-esteem and medical well-being."


Dr. David Blitzer
Presentation Title:
Blunt Carotid Injury: Timing of Intervention May Influence Outcome
Description: "I am currently PGY-3 general surgery resident preparing to apply for vascular surgery fellowship. This will be my second time presenting at VAM. As a PGY-2 I presented during the interactive poster session in Boston. This year I will be giving an oral presentation in one of the scientific sessions."

Dr. Vincent Noori
Presentation Title:
Risk Factors for Postoperative Hypotension and Associated Outcomes After Carotid Artery Stenting
Description: "At this year's VAM meeting, we will be presenting data obtained from the VQI regarding postoperative hypotension after carotid stenting (both transfemoral and TCAR) including the associated adverse events. In addition, we propose a scoring tool that can assist in stratifying patients at risk and thus guide interventions to prevent postoperative hypotension and improve outcomes after carotid stenting."


Dr. Courtenay Holscher
Presentation Title:
 Overuse of Peripheral Vascular Interventions for Claudication: A Measure of Low-Value Care
Description: "I will be presenting a study using Medicare claims data to identify physician overuse of endovascular interventions early after new diagnoses of claudication. I look forward to a lively audience discussion about costs of care and self-regulation!"

Dr. Max Wohlauer
Presentation Title:
 I Feel Your Pain - A Day in the Life of a Vascular Surgeon: Results of a National Survey
Description: "Our survey about work-related pain and discomfort sent to SVS members showed that most practicing vascular surgeons are in pain after a day of operating.  Addressing work-related pain will not only improve the lives and careers of vascular surgeons, it will also help address the current national workforce shortage."

Dr. Fetemeh Malekpour
Presentation Title: 
Early- and Mid-term Results Using Sequential Catheterization and Stenting Amid Progressive Deployment of the Zenith t-Branch Device for Branched Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair
Description: "Technical aspects of endograft delivery and deployment and the perioperative care are challenging factors in endovascular thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repairs. The aim of this study is reporting the short- and mid-term outcomes in patients undergoing TAAA repair using t-Branch endografts."


Dr. Aarent Brand
Presentation Title:
 Platelet Activation Measurements to Predict the Occurrence of Peroperative Solid Micro-Emboli During Carotid Endarterectomy
Description: "I will be presenting data from our manuscript entitled Platelet Activation Measurements to Predict the Occurrence of Peroperative Solid Micro-Emboli During Carotid Endarterectomy. We perceive an increasing want and need for adequate monitoring of different treatment strategies. Modern techniques have propelled laboratory analysis forward to the field of prognosis. We found that measuring platelet activity pre-operative can predict the occurrence of cerebral emboli during surgery."

Dr. Catherine Go
Presentation Title:
 Comparable Patency of Open and Endo Treatment of Venous Anastomotic Lesions in Hemodialysis Grafts
Description: "I'll be presenting outcomes after venous anastomotic interventions for thrombosed hemodialysis grafts. We found no difference in patency when comparing endo & open techniques. Our work inspires us to keep looking for a durable solution to maintain access for our patients."

Dr. Samantha Minc
Presentation Title:
 Rurality is a Risk Factor for Primary Amputation, and is Compounded by Race
Description: "I will be presenting two projects on rural health disparities and amputation. The first project used the VQI database to assess the effects of rurality and race as risk factors for primary amputation. The second project used advanced spatial modeling techniques to identify significant variations in the risk of amputation across the state of West Virginia, where my institution is located."

Dr. Raja Gnanadev
Presentation Title:
 Comparing Mortality and Hospital Length of Stay in the Setting of Truncal and Peripheral Vascular Trauma in Patients Treated with Tranexamic Acid on Initial Presentation
Description: "This is my first time presenting at VAM. I will be presenting two abstracts; 1. a poster session, and 2. a rapid-paced presentation with Q&A. Two of the most interesting challenges in medicine are advances in trauma management and management of variations in clinical anatomy. My abstracts in 1. Use of tranexamic acid in vascular trauma and 2. A review of the artery of Adamkiewcz have allowed me to explore these topics in depth."


Dr. Judith Lin
Presentation Title:
 Robotic-assisted Removal of Inferior Vena Cava Filter
Description: "I will present a video on robotic-assisted laparoscopic removal of an IVC filter with perforation and fractured strut migration into the abdominal cavity. Due to the complications of prolonged dwell time of filters, we highlight the importance of prompt retrieval of IVC filters when no longer necessary and safely to do so."

Dr. Frank Davis
Description: "
Our research, which was granted SVS Resident Research Award, investigates the molecular mechanisms that underlie inflammation in diabetic wound healing.  We seek to understand the role of macrophage inflammation and the prostaglandin pathway in order design novel therapeutic strategies to improve clinical therapies."