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SVS Foundation Gala

Vascular Spectacular - A Fabulous Evening!

Our Vascular Spectacular was a huge success, surpassing our most optimistic expectations! Thanks to all who attended and made generous donations to the SVS Foundation.  We hope you also had a wonderful time.

Here is a list of the individuals/organizations that purchased a table(s):

Wajhma Aboud, Ron Dalman, MD, Stanford Vascular Surgery (Two Tables)
Ali AbuRahma, West Virginia University - Charleston (One Table)
Enrico Ascher, Enrico Ascher Party (One Table)
Bernadette Aulivola, Loyola University and Northwestern University (One Table)
Adam Beck, University of Alabama at Birmingham (One Table)​
Michael Belkin, Brigham and Women's Hospital (One Table)
Kristofer Charlton-Ouw, UT-Houston and Ali Azizzadeh, Cedars-Sinai (One Table)
Michael Conte, UCSF Party (One Table)
R. Clement Darling, MD, Albany Vascular (One Table)
Matthew Eagleton, Mass General Vascular Surgery (One Table)
Peter Faries, Icahn School of Medicine Mt. Sinai (One Table)
Ron Fairman, Ron Fairman Party (One Table)
Thomas Forbes, University of Toronto Vascular Surgery (One Table)
Gary Giangola, Gary Giangola Party/Lenox Hill/Northwell Health (One Table)
Kim Hodgson, MD, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (One Table)
Thomas Huber, University of Florida (One Table)
Glenn Jacobowitz, NYU Langone Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (One Table)
William D. Jordan Jr., Emory Vascular Surgery (Two Tables)
Rebecca Kahl, University Hospitals (One Table)
Melina Kibbe and Mark Farber, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (One Table)
Russell Lam, Lam Vascular and Associates (One Table)​
Peter Lawrence, UCLA/Vascular Surgery (One Table)​
Sean Lyden, Cleveland Clinic Foundation (One Table)​
Michel Makaroun, UPMC (Five Tables)
Matthew Mell, UC Davis Vascular Surgery (One Table)
Raghu Motaganahalli, Indiana University (One Table)
Richard Neville, Inova Heart and Vascular (One Table)​
Gary Paavola, Michigan Vascular Center (One Table)​
Russell Samson, Sarasota Vascular Specialists (One Table)
Luis Sanchez, Washington University - St. Louis (One Table)
Andres Schanzer, University of Massachusetts Medical School (One Table)
Malachi Sheahan, LSU Vascular (One Table)
Marc Schermerhorn, Marc Schermerhorn BIDMC (One Table)
Cynthia Shortell, Duke Vascular and EndoVascular Surgery (One Table)
Anton Sidawy, George Washington University (One Table)​
Benjamin Starnes, University of Washington (Two Tables)
Marty Sylvain, Marty Sylvain BIBA Medical (One Table)​
Amy Trimani, Raul Guzman & Alan Dardik, Yale Vascular Surgery (One Table)​
Thomas Wakefield, Thomas Wakefield Univ of Michigan Vascular Surgery (One Table)​
Fred Weaver, Keck Medical Center of USC (One Table)​
Jeff Wiggins, W.L Gore & Associates (One Table)​
Edward Woo, Edward Woo Party (One Table)