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Exhibit floor plan and meeting space

Forms and Exhibit Floor Plan

meeting request form

Forms and Exhibit Floor Plan

Exhibitor Requests for Meeting Space
In accordance with the guidelines adopted by the SVS, exhibitors are not able to offer events/social functions geared towards professional attendees that directly conflict with the VAM19 educational program.  Wednesday evening is available for approved satellite symposia. On Thursday and Friday evenings, SVS offers social events for all attendees. Companies that are in violation of the guidelines will risk loss of priority points and possible disqualification from future Vascular Annual Meetings. 

Limited meeting space is available at the Gaylord National for internal company meetings. Please note that due to meeting space limitations, meeting requests for full-day meetings or offices cannot be granted. SVS has made office space on the exhibit floor available for this purpose (see below). To request meeting space, please complete the meeting request form and return to Debbie Wallentin.

Only approved 2019 Vascular Annual Meeting exhibitors may request meeting space. There is a US$300 placement fee per form charged by SVS. Companies will be sent a confirmation of their meeting room assignment when meeting space assignments are made. 

Exhibit Floor Office Space
Office space on the exhibit floor will once again be available to all exhibiting companies. All offices will be stand-alone units without shared walls to guarantee privacy.  All offices will include carpeting, a locking door, 14x22 ID sign and table/chairs (as noted below). The following options are available:

10’x10’ includes a conference table with four chairs (Cost:  $5,500)

10’x20’ includes a conference table with eight chairs (Cost:  $8,500)

20’x20’ includes a conference table with sixteen chairs (Cost:  $12,000)

Office space will be accessible during exhibit hours only. The quantity is limited and space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  To request office space, please complete a meeting space request form and indicate “Office” in the “Meeting Name” line.