International Registration


Part of the Society for Vascular Surgery’s mission is to elevate the practice of vascular surgery worldwide.  To that end, the Society offers a registration discount to attendees in select countries based on the World Health Index.  

SVS is pleased to offer a discounted registration fee of US$446 for all International Attendees representing countries that do not appear on the list below.  If your country does not appear on the list below, then you are eligible for the US$446 discounted registration fee.  This registration fee will automatically be applied to all online and faxed registration forms.  

Andorra Gibraltar Netherlands
Aruba Greenland New Caledonia
Australia Guam New Zealand
Austria Guernsey Norway
Bahamas, The Hong Kong Portugal
Belgium Iceland Qatar
Bermuda Ireland San Marino
British Virgin Islands Israel Singapore
Brunei Italy Spain
Canada Japan Sweden
Cayman Islands Jersey Switzerland
Cyprus (Greek Area) Kuwait Taiwan
Cyprus (Turkish Area) Liechtenstein United Arab Emirates
Denmark Luxembourg United Kingdom
Finland Macau United States
France Man, Isle of Virgin Islands
Germany Monaco