Community Awareness and Prevention Project Grant

Sponsored by SVS Foundation

The Community Awareness and Prevention Project Grant is intended to help vascular surgeons conduct community-based projects that address emerging issues in vascular health, wellness, and disease prevention. These projects will emphasize patient education, risk assessment and advance awareness of vascular health.

Up to $10,000 will be awarded to a community-based vascular surgeon for an innovative, community-based initiative. Priority is given to projects that will serve communities with the greatest health disparities and those projects that include community partnerships. Projects should lead to programs that can be replicated and include plans for sustainability beyond the grant period.

The Community Awareness and Prevention Project Grant program has the following goals:

  • Encourage the development of community-based vascular health initiatives
  • Provide direct support for projects that have potential to develop into larger programs fundable by other foundations, industry or governmental sources

Community Partnerships

The SVS Foundation encourages applicants to establish collaborative community partnerships with organizations who share our goals for maximizing public health and can contribute to the success of the project. Examples of community partners include: businesses, cultural organizations, faith-based groups, government and non-government health agencies, hospitals, clinics, health centers, public health service agencies, and educational institutions.


Up to $10,000 will be awarded for direct costs. The grant does not support office construction or clinic enhancement projects, practice marketing initiatives, physician salary or honoraria, overhead expenses or major equipment.


The physician applicant responsible for the project must be an SVS Active or Candidate Member who is practicing in a community hospital or other community setting. Trainees, fellows and residents are not eligible. Previous awardees may submit a new application for funding after 3 years.  

SVS Foundation is invested in a process that assures diversity, equity and inclusion for our award and scholarship opportunities. We encourage enthusiastic, eligible applicants from all aspects of gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity to apply.

Application Process

  1. Curriculum Vitae for lead project physician
  2. Physician statement outlining his/her practice setting and connection to the community, including previous experience with community-based service projects (1 page)
  3. Project Description (3-5 pages) including:
    • Goals and objectives, significance/relevance, innovation, community to be served, timeline for project implementation
    • Community engagement and partnerships
    • Methods to measure project success and attainment of goals and objectives
    • Project team members – name(s), titles and contact information
  4. Budget (1 page)
    • Description of each activity and expense funded by the grant
    • Other funding available to support project
    • Name of recipient organization to receive award funds.
  5. Letter(s) of support from community partners or collaborators

Criteria and Review Process

Applications will be reviewed by an ad hoc selection committee appointed by the SVS Foundation Board of Directors.

The criteria on which funding decisions will be made include:

  • Significance and innovative nature of the proposed project, as determined by the potential to impact vascular health, awareness and prevention
  • Potential for the project to develop into a larger program fundable by other foundations, industry or governmental sources

Reporting Requirements

At the completion of the project, the awardee must submit a report to the SVS Foundation. The report should include a summary of project accomplishments, number of individuals impacted, how the results related to original goals, how the project may be reproduced on a larger scale, and the value of the grant to the awardee and the community.

A detailed financial report outlining expenditures must be included and any unspent funds must be returned to the Foundation.

Publicity and Acknowledgement of Award

Awardees will be recognized during the Vascular Annual Meeting.

The SVS Foundation may include information about the funded project in promotional materials. Support from the SVS Foundation must be acknowledged in all materials or publications developed by the awardee.

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