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Careers & Training

Vascular surgeons present the following podcasts on topics of interest to medical students, residents, and trainees.

Vascular Surgery Interest Groups (V-SIG) promote vascular-related research and service activities to students earlier in their medical career, provide students with early exposure to surgery, and assist students as they seek valuable career mentorship.  View the list of groups registered with the Society for Vascular Surgery below to find a V-SIG near you!


Interested in establishing your own V-SIG?

A good mentor is one of the most effective persuaders in choosing a field of study. The Society for Vascular Surgery® has organized a group of members who have volunteered to mentor and develop relationships with residents and students interested in a career in vascular surgery.

Below is a full listing of ACGME-accredited vascular surgery training programs (both integrated residency and fellowship programs).  Program descriptions are listed if available.  

University of Nebraska, College of Medicine

Posted June 2018

In 2006, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) approved the Primary Certificate in Vascular Surgery which eliminates the requirement for certification in general surgery prior to certification in vascular surgery. This creates more than one training pathway.


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