Interactive Practice Guidelines App

The Society for Vascular Surgery Interactive Practice Guidelines App (SVS iPG) offers clinicians, trainees, and third-party payers:

  • 11 guidelines
  • Easy-to-use format
  • 4 score calculators

Launched in fall 2015, the SVS iPG App features concise summaries of our latest practice guidelines. Each summary includes key information, an abstract and an explanation of the GRADE framework used to evaluate scientific evidence and grades of recommendation. 

Led by Dr. Peter Gloviczki, Chair of the SVS Document Oversight Committee, the App project was designed to offer an easily accessible format that can be used both by vascular surgeons and referring physicians. 

Among its innovations, the App includes an easy-to-use calculator to determine the WIfI score of a threatened, severely ischemic limb due to peripheral artery disease, to assess the risk of amputation and the expected benefit of revascularization. Other calculators allow users to determine the basic CEAP score, the Villalta score and the VCSS, the Venous Clinical Severity Score of your patient with chronic venous disease.

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Above, right: A screen shot of the App shows the clear, easy-to-us​e format of the SVS iPG App.