Global Vascular Guidelines


The Global Vascular Guidelines

In 2014, the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS), the European Society for Vascular Surgery, and the World Federation of Vascular Societies (WFVS) joined forces to create a new global consortium for clinical practice guidelines in vascular disease. (1)  The initial project of the GVG now underway is a guideline on the evaluation and management of chronic limb threatening ischemia (CLTI). 

GVG CLTI Guideline Outline
The guideline aims to establish a new patient-centered, evidence-based framework for clinical decision making in these patients. 

The guideline contains the following 11 chapters: 
1.  Definitions, Nomenclature, Clinical classification scheme (WIfI)
2.  Epidemiology (public health impact, cost of care) and Risk Factors
3.  Diagnosis and initial evaluation
     a. Vascular exam and diagnostic studies
     b. Evaluation of the limb
     c. CV and risk factor assessment/risk stratification
4. Anatomic patterns of vascular disease
5. Medical management of the patient with SLI (systemic ASO disease)
6. Non-interventional treatments of the limb (medical, adjuncts, etc.)
7. Revascularization strategies
    a. Treatment Matrix: WIfI (clinical) and anatomic patterns 2-D grid
    b. Revascularization strategies – consensus recommendation
8. Biologic/regenerative approaches (gene and cell based therapies)
9. Role of amputation
10. Post-procedural evaluation and care (outcome assessment and surveillance)
11. Study designs and endpoints in SLI

Funding for the GVG and development of the CLTI Guideline is provided by the sponsoring professional societies.  A transparent Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy includes full disclosures; a majority of writing group members must be free of any industry income. 

Evidence reviews are prepared by an independent academic support group.  The GRADE system is used to define both the strength of the recommendation and the level of evidence (2).

Prof. Andrew Bradbury, MBA, MD, London, UK
Michael S. Conte, MD, San Francisco, CA
Prof. Philippe Kolh, MD, PhD, Liege, Belgium 

Steering Committee Members
Florian Dick, MD, Berne, Switzerland
Prof. Robert Fitridge, MBBS, FRACS, Adelaide, Australia
Joseph Mills, MD, Houston, TX
Prof. Jean-Baptiste Ricco, MD, PhD, Poitiers, France
Kal R. Suresh MD, FACS, Bangalore, India
John White, MD, Chicago, IL