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Awards and Fellowships


RE: Resident/Fellow Academic Research Award and Michael Silane M.D. Traveling Scholarship Competition 


The executive committee is happy to announce that the NYSVS will sponsor three vascular resident/fellow scholarships this year. There will be two $7,500 academic/clinical scholarships to help support ongoing/new research projects. We will also offer one $5,000 vascular resident/fellow travelling scholarship to be used by the recipient to travel to other institutions within or outside the USA to obtain expertise in particular procedures, use of devices, evaluating new technology or exploring interests in research or administration. This study must be related to vascular surgery and not available in his/her mother institution or anywhere else in New York City.


Research Scholarship Application:


Deadline: April 15, 2019 – applications must be completed and received by this date.


Eligibility: Vascular fellow, resident, or medical student committed to a vascular surgery project with a sponsor/mentor who is a NYSVS member)

Application Components:

  1. Introductory Letter (no more than 1 page)
  2. Letter of Support and oversight from mentors who should be a member of the society
  3. Title and Abstract (<200 words)
  4. Grant Proposal (<5 pages total)
    1. Specific Aim
    2. Background
    3. Preliminary Data
    4. Project
  5. Literature Citation List (exempt from page limit)
  6. Budget with Justification** (1 page)


An interim report is expected by the 2019 Fall Meeting of NYSVS.

Part of the grant will be awarded at the 2019 spring meeting of NYSVS. The remaining grant award will be awarded at the 2019 fall meeting of NYSVS, after presentation of the interim report by the awardee in the fall.

**The funds from these awards are intended to directly fund the research contained within the proposal. No indirect institutional funding is available through this grant mechanism.

**** Applicants are not eligible for the award if they are funded by similar seed grants from other societies (i.e. SVS, ACS, AAS, EVS etc.) for the same project. The absence of dual/redundant funding should be addressed in the Introductory Letter.


Michael Silane M.D. Traveling Scholarship:


The Michael Silane M.D. Traveling Fellowship will provide support for a vascular surgery fellow or a senior vascular resident to travel within the USA or abroad to other medical centers to obtain expertise in new technology, vascular procedures, research, administrative or academic fields not available in his/her own institution or anywhere else in New York City.

Deadline: April 15, 2019 – applications must be completed and received by this date.

Eligibility: Vascular Surgery fellow or senior vascular resident.

Application Components:

  1. Letter from the mentor(s) from the visiting institution expressing commitment to the travel rotation
  2. Letter of commitment and permission to travel from the applicant’s home institution
  3. Planned location of travel
  4. Detailed explanation of:
    1. the visiting program (department or laboratory), including areas of excellence in clinical , academic or administrative work that distinguish it from others,
    2. Clinical/Research/Administrative goal to be accomplished, and why the goal cannot be accomplished at the applicant’s home institution or city.
  5. Budget (Include issues that you may have to address for travel such as visa, housing, etc.)

A detailed report at the completion of the rotation with PowerPoint presentation is expected at the latest during the spring meeting of 2020.

All Applications for both grants should be submitted to Apostolos K. Tassiopoulos, MD at and Mark Song, MD at by April 15, 2019.
Grants will be awarded at the 2019 spring meeting of NYSVS.

We look forward to seeing you at the Spring meeting.

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