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SVS members are at the forefront of vascular news and discovery. Find news about the Society for Vascular Surgery, its membership and its initiatives, below.

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The political action committee of the Society for Vascular Surgery advocates for legislation that supports best practices for patients and medical professionals. The current changes in health care reimbursement directly impact vascular surgeons and their patients. SVS is taking the lead in working with government officials to develop fair laws and practice guidelines. Volunteer members and staff are working to ensure that lawmakers understand the impact of their work.  Visit the SVS Medicare Cuts Task Force page to learn about our multi-faceted response to the proposed cuts for 2022.  

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Vascular Specialist

Vascular Specialist is the monthly publication of the Society for Vascular Surgery and is a benefit of membership.

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SVS is a not-for-profit professional medical society with over 4,500 members, primarily vascular surgeons, who are the only physicians who are trained to provide patients with all vascular disease treatment options. 

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SVS monitors and advocates for legislation and regulatory issues, and collaborates with organizations representing similar vascular health issues.

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