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YOUR SVS: Expanded Benefits Program Covers Multitude of Needs

The SVS’ Affinity Program of expanded benefits can help members protect their businesses, practices, families and future.

SVS launched the portfolio of financial and practice surgeons two years ago, providing members pre-vetted products and services. Members get a special discount on nearly every one of them.

Most SVS members tend to concentrate on three particular offerings: medical malpractice insurance, disability insurance and the retirement accelerator program.

Medical Malpractice Insurance:

The Affinity Program offers professional liability insurance with a 5% discount through MedPro; the company said its claims team wins 90 percent of all physician malpractice trials. In addition, MedPro will not settle any case without the physician’s consent, offers free tail coverage for physicians at retirement after just one year of insurance and is addressing emerging issues such as cyber liability and optional coverage for billing errors and omissions.

Disability Insurance: More than one disability income protection program is available. Critical factors to consider include: whether benefits are taxed or not, recognition of medical specialties and subspecialties, plan portability and renewability and whether rates are locked in at enrollment. The tax-free benefits have no offsets from other income and enrollees are protected as a vascular surgeon. Discounts apply for members.

Retirement Protection: Kai-Zen essentially accelerates retirement income, with participant funding complete in five years. The unique product combines financing and life insurance, with funds growing tax-deferred. The policy repays the loan at the end of 15 years and is the ONLY collateral for the loan. The plan uses a life policy which has a zero percent floor, meaning contributions are protected, and it is portable unlike a 457 plan. The plan has money available for long-term care and death benefits.

Other products address needs across the spectrum. For individuals, offerings include high net-worth life insurance, identity theft protection insurance, dental and vision care discounts, international medical insurance, student loan consolidation and high-limit disability income protection.

Offerings for practices include help with payroll, 401K programs and workers’ compensation insurance; payment processing; business overhead expense insurance; guarantee issue life and disability insurance for employees; business cybercrime protection; simplified issue life insurance; guarantee issue to group practices; and employee dental and vision care discounts.

For more information, visit, call 312-291-4472 or email Mark Blocker, SVS program representative, at mark@