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SVS Foundation Assists With Screening Veterans

At least one military veteran discovered he had an abdominal aortic aneurysm large enough to be of concern during a large-scale screening in late July in which the SVS Foundation participated, along with several SVS members.

Volunteers screened 481 people over four days at the 120th Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in Orlando, Fla. New Orleans-based AAAneurysm Outreach conducted the screening, sponsored by W.L. Gore & Associates and Philips Ultrasound, with support from the SVS Foundation and the Society for Vascular Ultrasound, which provided ultrasound technicians from the Orlando area.

This is the third straight year for the SVS Foundation’s involvement in this annual VFW screening. On-site and consulting physicians included SVS members Drs. Adam Levitt, Robert Winter and Richard Teed as well as Drs. Charles Thompson and Jon Wesley.

Over the four days, the on-site vascular surgeon physicians consulted with the veteran who was discovered to have a 4.0-cm AAA. A veteran with a AAA measuring 2.9 centimeters (screeners were particularly flagging those measuring 3.0 and more) also consulted with a physician because of a family history of AAA.

Other participants received information and consultations for issues involving a repaired AAA, aortic calcification, a renal cyst, enlarged aortas, atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure.

The SVS Foundation’s participation in this and other screenings is part of its expanded mission that includes an emphasis on members in community practice, prevention, patient education and, ultimately, the public’s vascular health.