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See the Light: VAM Scholarships

Attending the Vascular Annual Meeting as a scholarship recipient helped turn on a lightbulb in Katharine Wolf’s mind.

"I got to see how basic science research and clinical surgical practice really intersect," said Wolf, who attends medical school in Illinois and is currently performing a research internship in Dr. Alan Dardik’s lab at Yale University.

Being at the Vascular Annual Meeting, especially followed by her research work in the lab, helped her see the connections between surgery and subsequent research. "I can see how I might take a clinical question from an operation and turn it into a basic science question I can study in the lab," she said.

"Before VAM, I hadn’t seen how they fit together. It really all kind of clicked." Another plus was meeting the other students at VAM. "There were all these amazing people and I’m right there with them," she said.

How much did she enjoy VAM? "I told Dr. Dardik I want to submit an abstract so I can go again!"