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Funding a Comfortable Retirement

Most people want to live in retirement as they did during their working days. They have plans – travel, help fund grandchildren’s college educations, perhaps escape winter each year.

Look no further than the Kai-Zen strategy of retirement funding, an exclusive product for SVS members.

This unique product helps members speed investment growth in their life insurance policies, using leverage that provides up to 60 percent more death benefit protection and 60 percent more supplemental retirement income.

Kai-Zen combines financing and life insurance, with premiums jointly funded by lenders and the participant (or an employer). The life insurance provides the full security for the loan. No financial underwriting or loan documents are required if minimum application requirements are met. The policy repays the loan at the end of 15 years and is the ONLY collateral for the bank loan.

Assets grow tax-deferred, benefits can be taken tax-free and participants fund their retirement in just five years. The zero percent floor means in a down market, participants don’t share the losses.

The next 2018 deadline for Kai-Zen is March 1. Secure your lifestyle into retirement and look into Kai-Zen today.

Watch a video at For more information, contact Mark Blocker at or call 855-533-1776.

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